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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Who else here is more than excited for it? I honest to god can't wait.
I don't wanna pick who I'm going to main as until the full roster is up. I used Cap, Cyclops, and Rogue. But Cyclops and Rogue are so far unconfirmed or just straight up not going to be in it.
I guess I'll have to work around that. So, enough about that...
Who are you guys going to main? Who do you want to be in the game? And who would you like taken out?
For me, I would love for Thanos to be in it again. I could also really go for Magneto. As long as Sentinel doesn't make another appearance, I think we'll all be fine about the roster.


  1. marvel vs capcom was my favorite game when i was like 10? haha good times

  2. Oh the nostalgia!

    Great article.

  3. Oh man. I am pumped for it. A couple weeks ago I was trying to find the dreamcast so I could play MvC2 again.

  4. cannot wait i been kiling it on mvc2

  5. Last game was sick, looking forward to next one.

  6. I love the MVC games, will have to see what platforms they will be realesing it for man.

    @CaptiveAudience: MK9????!!! I thought they weren't making anymore MK games! SUUUUUUUWEEEET!