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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All-Star Superman

Well a trailer has been released for All-Star Superman. I know most people dislike Supes, and so did I, but after reading Morrison's take on him, I gave him a chance and now I can actually stand the big guy.
The story behind A-SS, is Supes has to face a new challenge. This time, it's a little thing called Mortality.
It's an amazing read and I'd suggest this as well to many people. It's pretty fun with a lot of great moments in it. Pic very much related.


  1. I saw the trailer and the art looks more straight than Quietly's art, but still it looks like DC has another hit in their hands.

  2. Yeah can't wait either! Long live the Superman.
    I can't seem to follow people for some reason today, when google pull the finger out I shall defo follow your blog on comics etc.

    In the meantime can i haz follow me plz?